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Block and base foundations – which are sometimes referred to as pier and beam foundations, although they are not exactly the same – are fairly common in this area. This method of building a foundation is effective, but over time the blocks can sink or twist, causing some settlement issues in the property. If there is an infestation or rotting, this can also cause a problem which should be immediately addressed. To learn more about block and base foundations, how to check them for condition, and what repairs might be needed on your property, give us a call today.

What Is A Block and base Foundation?

Older houses – typically those built before 1960, often have block and base foundations, which can sometimes be referred to as pier and beam foundations. These are different to slab foundations in that they involve resting the main structure of the home on Masonite blocks, or concrete piers, to raise it from the ground and keep the base of the building away from the damp soil. Block and base foundations work very well, but are prone to issues such as settling over time, and as such some maintenance and regular inspections are advised.

What Can Cause Damage To Block and Base Foundations?

The experienced team here at Stream Foundation Repair Of Bryan have worked with block and base foundations in the area for years, and we see damage frequently coming from water pooling around the blocks, or infestations and rot in the beams. Water issues usually occur because the drainage around the home has deteriorated over time. While the home would have had a slope to take water away from the foundation at first, over time this can become worn and stop effectively providing protection to the blocks. Similarly, if the blocks tilt, sink, or become rotten, you’ll soon see issues in the structure of the home.

What Are The Signs of Block and Base Foundation Damage?

If you have a block and base foundation on your home, you’ll want to check it regularly for signs of any damage, including blocks sinking or twisting, and any form of rot or visible damage. However, you should also look for other signs of problems, such as doors and windows which suddenly stop closing easily, cracks in the walls, floor or exterior of the building, or any pooling water near the base of the building. Don’t let these problems get worse. Give Stream Foundation Repair Of Bryan a call if you need help!

Our Block and Base Foundation Repair ervice

Stream Foundation Repair Of Bryan is proud to offer a personal touch with all of our customers. That means that our Block and Base Foundation Repair service is tailored to your needs. A member of the team will first come to your property to assess the problem, and talk through any approaches we might take to repair the foundation. We can prepare a free no obligation quote for you to consider before carrying out the work at your convenience. To learn more about the work we do, get in touch today for a free inspection estimate.


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