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If you spot any sign of damage to your home’s concrete slab, it’s important to have it addressed as quickly as possible – left unchecked you may experience further damage to your home which is expensive and tricky to repair. For example, you might suffer damage to both the exterior and interior of the home, including structural damage. Concrete slab foundations are common in homes in this region, and are designed to shift with the natural movements of the ground the home is placed on. However, if you have a heavily planted backyard, or an older home, the concrete foundation slab of your home can start to settle, and even crack or fail. Give us a call at Stream Foundation Repair Of Bryan if you spot damage to your concrete slab, or think you need a foundation inspection, today.

Why Might The Concrete Slab Foundation in My Home Fail?

Because homes in our area benefit from a relatively shallow frost line, building foundations do not need to be sunk as deeply as in colder areas to be structurally sound. Using a concrete slab foundation is therefore a popular choice for home builders. This works extremely well, but thanks to natural changes in soil conditions t the slab can become damaged over the years, and can crack or fail. We see this especially in homes with lots of trees in the back yard, or decorative flower borders close to the property. The roots of these plants cause even more changes in the ground and speed up the wear and tear experienced by concrete slab foundations.

How Do I Know If I Need repairs to My Home’s Concrete Foundation Slab?

If you have any concerns about damage to your concrete slab foundations, please call the great team of professionals at Stream Foundation Repair Of Bryan to get some expert advice. The major signs to look out for include damage to the interior floors of your home, damage to the external brickwork, or if the doors and windows in your home begin to stick. Any of these things can be a symptom of structural movements in the home. Don’t leave a small problem to grow – it is always better to get professional advice and have the slab fixed before the damage spreads.

How Can Concrete Slab Foundations Be Repaired?

The first thing we will do is have a professional foundation contractor come to look at your property and assess what options are available for addressing the problems we find with your home’s concrete slab foundation. Keeping the customer informed is a priority for us, and our team will always discuss the options available to you, including talking through the cost and any disruption for you and your family. The good news is that we can often insert piles under the foundation for support which can usually be done with minimum mess, and no need for homeowners to move out of the property while we work.

Our Concrete Slab Repair Service

Our Concrete Slab Repair service has been used by many customers here in Bryan, TX, to make sure their homes are kept safe and sound. A member of our Stream Foundation Repair Of Bryan team can come to your property at your convenience to assess the work needed and prepare a no obligation free estimate. Our customers are often surprised to hear that many of the foundation repair jobs we work on can be completed in just a day or two, with minimal disruption to you and your family. Call us today to learn more.


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