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Our team here is proud to offer drainage correction services for commercial and residential properties. Adequate drainage is essential to protect your foundations – and drainage issues can cause structural issues in the home over time. A contractor from Stream Foundation Repair Of Bryan will be happy assess the drainage in your property, and make a recommendation to suit your needs. Keeping your drainage is in good repair is an investment – and should be seen as a key step to keeping your foundations healthy and structurally sound, and avoiding high cost repair bills later.

What Is The Impact of Poor Drainage On a Building’s Foundations?

Drainage and foundations might not seem to be linked – but they are. Poor drainage is a common cause of foundation damage, which can go unnoticed for some time, but will ultimately cause structural issues. If your home has pier and beam foundations, excess moisture can cause the structure to rot and warp, and pooling water or poor run off can also result in erosion around the base of the property which causes settling issues. Settlement is a serious concern, which requires immediate attention, and is often first noticed when cracks appear on the walls or floors of the building.

Improving The Drainage In Your Home

If you are concerned about drainage issues in your home or commercial property, the first step is to get in touch. A skilled member of the team will assess your property, looking at all areas of the home. No matter where you have spotted potential drainage problems, it makes good sense to review drainage throughout, including the yard of your property, and the basement if you have one, as these are areas vulnerable to drainage issues. After our contractors have visited your home to inspect the current drainage provision, we will consider a range of options to address and correct any drainage issues in your home or yard.

Basement Drainage Options

Proper drainage is crucial in homes with a basement, to guard the basement from flooding, and to ensure the health of the foundations in the long term. Corrective action could be taken if you have concerns about your basement drainage – including options such as a cove drain, window wells or external drainage to move rainwater away from the property and into a nearby storm drain. Get in touch with Stream Foundation Repair Of Bryan to learn more about the options available for your particular situation.

Our Drainage Correction Service

Our team treat every project as unique, and whatever the drainage issue is, we can come up with a solution that fits. We do all we can to reduce inconvenience and disruption as we work, and the project can be carried out at your convenience so you can go about your daily life as normal. Interested in learning more about our Drainage Correction service? Our reliable team at Stream Foundation Repair Of Bryan is waiting for your call! Have a look at the contact page of this website to learn how to have someone come to your property to give a free inspection estimate.


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